A complaint has been filed against the young man who broke the line and went near the queen’s coffin

A young man has been charged after he broke the line to pay his respects to Queen Elizabeth II and approached the coffin. The 28-year-old has been charged with disorderly conduct. BBC News

The name of the detained youth is Muhammad Khan. He is a resident of East London’s Tower Hamlets area. He is the second person arrested for breaking the line to pay his respects to the Queen. He was arrested last Friday.

A charge under the Public Order Act has been filed against Muhammad Khan, London’s Metropolitan Police said. Muhammad Khan will appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court tomorrow, Monday.

Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin has been placed in Westminster Hall for public tribute. Familiar people stand in long queues and pay their respects to the queen. Last Friday around 10 pm UK time, Muhammad Khan broke the line and approached the Queen’s coffin.

A statement from London’s Metropolitan Police said that charges were filed against Muhammad Khan, a Barleycorn Way, Tower Hamlets resident, on Saturday. He has been charged under Public Order Act 4A for intimidation, harassment, and harassing behavior. He will appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court tomorrow.

Earlier on Wednesday, another man was arrested for harassing another mourner by pushing him from behind while waiting in the queue to pay his respects. The man, Ado Edeshine, has been accused of sexual harassment. Adeshineke will appear at Southwark Crown Court on October 14.

Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral will take place tomorrow.


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