Financial Safety Ensures GOLDEN MOMENTS

BRAC Bank Golden Benefits Savings Account
This account is targeted at senior citizens of Bangladesh (Age 50 years and above)
Open the account with Tk. 500 only
Interest is accrued on the monthly average balance and credited to your account monthly
Cheque book available (Upon Request)
Debit Card available
Astha Banking App to execute all banking requests without stepping feet in branches
Moreover SMS Banking, e-Statement, SMS-Statement, 24 Hour Call Center, ATM, and CDM facility available
Special Features:
Free Insurance Facility for maintaining a monthly average balance of only Tk. 30,000

Golden Benefits Savings Account will have the following coverage:

1. Death due to Sickness- Group Life (GL) benefit of Tk. 10,000 payable to the beneficiary nominated by the
account holder in the event of death due to sickness or natural causes.
2. Death due to Accident- Benefit of Tk. 500,000 will be payable to the beneficiary. Here Accident means a sudden,
involuntary, unforeseen, and fortuitous event, which results directly or through an unbroken chain of
events in loss covered under the Policy or any other forms attached with the policy.
3. Accidental Medical Reimbursement (AMR)- Benefit up to Tk. 15,000 of Accidental Medical Expense Reimbursement
per Accident whether Inpatient or Outpatient. If, as a result of a covered Injury, and commencing within thirty
(30) days after the date of the Injury, an Insured Person shall require treatment by a Physician, use of Hospital
facilities, or the employment of a licensed or graduate nurse while at the Hospital, MetLife will pay the
Reasonable, Customary, and Necessary medical expenses incurred within fifty-two (52) weeks from the date of the
accident for such Physician treatment, Hospital charges, and nurses fees, but not to exceed Tk. 15,000.
Call our 24-hour Call Center 16221 (for local callers) +88-02-55668055-6 (for overseas and local callers) or
contact any of our branches.
Please also refer to our website for regular updates on rates and charges.

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