Sportiest SUVs Under $30,000

Sportiest SUVs Under $30,000Fun and Functionality, All in One

There are some incredible performance SUVs on the market today, provided you’ve got the coin. For example, a BMW X6 M is a 600-horsepower fastback SUV that can carve corners like a sports sedan, but it will set you back roughly $110,000.

What if you were in the market for an SUV that costs roughly a quarter of that, but still provides some engaging driving dynamics? The following SUVs all start at less than $30,000 and all have positive performance scores. They aren’t muscle cars by any stretch, but each one provides some sort of sporty driving experience. And as with most of our lists, the tie goes to the vehicle with the lower price. Read on and you might find the budget-conscious sporty SUV you’ve been looking for.

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