Suddenly 2 lakh 50 thousand dollars came to the account

Suddenly about 2 lakh 50 thousand dollars came into the account of a person. And this amount of money came from Google. The American man could not understand the reason for this money coming into the account. If 1 dollar is equal to 95 takes, it is like 2 crores 37 lakh 50 thousand takas in Bangladeshi currency.

According to NDTV news, about two and a half million dollars suddenly came into the account of the person named Sam Carey from the Omaha area of ​​America. He was shocked to get so much money at once. He was not happy to get so much money, but his worries increased. Sam Carrey didn’t spend a single dollar. Then he shared the matter on Twitter last Wednesday. Wrote on Twitter, “It’s been more than three weeks, Google sent 2 lakh 49 thousand 999 USD to me. Is there any way to communicate with Google?’ And also wrote, ‘If you want a dollar back, there is no problem.


According to Newsweek, Sam Carey works to find security vulnerabilities in software at various companies such as Google. But he said that there is no connection behind this unexpected payment. Sam said in an interview that he kept the money to himself. If Google wants a refund, it will. According to him, if Google does not respond to his tweets, then the money will be kept in another account. Because no tax should be paid for this.


After this incident became known, Google was shaken. Google said that the dollars were sent to the person’s account by mistake. A Google spokesperson said, ‘We mistakenly sent money to the person’s account. Kudos to that person for bringing the matter up so quickly. We will correct the mistake. Google said that the dollar will be taken back from Sam.

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